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Mysterium Park - Spooky Light

The original Mysterium by Libellud was an instant Halloween classic game. With its fun game play of a ghost leading a group towards finding the culprit, many people were enamored with both the game play and the artwork. Since 2008, Dixit has provided gorgeous artwork in a game. Although not everyone loves the gameplay of the earlier Libellud production, most people agree the artwork makes the game easier to appreciate.

Mysterium Park was released in October and it builds on the earlier work of these games. It is a distilled version of Mysterium where a team of 1-5 psychics tries to unravel the disappearance of the park director. The setting is a 1950's fairgrounds in the U.S.A. This would have been the height of the Barnum and Bailey traveling circus and so it provides an apt setting for the game. One additional player must guide the psychics toward a culprit and a location.

The game played in about 30 minutes and is extremely easy to teach. The original Mysterium suffered from some minor problems, and I prefer 2019 Obscurio as far as mechanics and theme. The traitor stays engaged in the entire game of Obscurio and this is an asset. Mysterium Park plays quicker and doesn't have elements that would be confusing to non-gamers. This recent addition to the trilogy is easily the most approachable and will be great for families and party groups looking for a quick game with a light spooky theme. There is nothing here most people would find offensive, other than maybe the theme of psychics and a ghost. No gore or horror elements are present, so it makes for a light be theme appropriate game for Halloween or other spooky times.

Xavier Collette and M81 Studio must be commended for more engaging artwork. For a little game, there is plenty to appreciate here and this game will likely be brought out at game nights for those looking for fun without digging into strategy. Not a game for those who only seek out heavy Euros or war-games, but a solid game nonetheless.

Mysterium Park

Teaching 9/10

Aesthetics 10/10

Strategy 3/10

Gameplay 8/10

Time 30 Minutes

Players 2-6

Mechanics: Co-operative, Pattern Recognition, Storytelling

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